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        Franchise Presence in the US Continues Substantial Growth

         PIRTEK USA is expanding its         PIRTEK OC has         PIRTEK Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City, UT)
         presence across the US with the     opened with three
         opening of 5 new locations from the   Mobile Service
         east coast of Florida to the west coast   Vehicles, and an
         in southern California. The expansion   Operations Manager.
         includes, a combination of both the   “I’ve put together a
         Tier 1 and Tier 2 platforms. With the   good staff,” Curran
         opening of these new locations, we   said. “I’m excited
         are proud to reach a milestone of over   about getting
         70 locations nationwide with over 275   started.” Curran
         Mobile Service Vehicles providing on   said that PIRTEK
         site and over-the-counter hydraulic   OC is centrally
         and industrial hose replacement     located in a dense
         in the US.                          manufacturing area
                                             with a large rental
         The expansion of the Tier 1, Service   yard nearby.
         & Supply Centers includes PIRTEK    Salt Lake City, UT
         OC (Orange, CA), PIRTEK Salt Lake
         City (Salt Lake City, UT) and PIRTEK   June 26th - PIRTEK
         Bolingbrook (Chicago, IL).          Salt Lake City is the
                                             first of its kind in Utah. Todd Micelli’s   July 31st - Chicago, IL
                                             Tier 1, Service & Supply Center is
    PIRTEK OC (Orange, CA)                   located in the heart of the state, and   A long-time franchise owner within
                                             he sees the tremendous opportunity   the PIRTEK organization, Ken Adair,
                                             there is to be very successful with this   has added to his Chicago presence
                                             new business with the current and    with PIRTEK Bolingbrook. With this
                                             projected economic growth in Utah.   new center, Adair now has 4 PIRTEK
                                             “The majority of the Utah population   franchises. The new Service & Supply
                                             is located in a 50- to 60-mile radius   Center in the suburb of Bolingbrook
                                             from downtown Salt Lake City. It’s a   employs eight and features five Mobile
                                             solid location for us.”              Service Vehicles. Adair said his new
                                                                                         location is well-situated to
                                                                                         attract business in that area.
                                                                                         “We’re in a large industrial park
                                                                                         with some manufacturing,
                                                                                         there’s plenty of growth there.”
         June 1st - PIRTEK
         OC is an expansion to                                                           Adair also said that the
         the growing California
         presence, it is the 7th                                                         customer reception he’s
         PIRTEK Franchise                                                                received from his other
         in California. Kelly                                                            Chicago-area locations has
         Curran, the owner of                                                            been outstanding and bodes
         PIRTEK OC, said he was impressed                                               well for the Bolingbrook center’s
         with PIRTEK from the beginning of   Miceli will seek business from       success. “Customers regularly tell us
         his inquiry into the company. “Once   the usual PIRTEK client base:      we saved the day for them,” he said.
         I looked into it, I saw PIRTEK’s    manufacturing, recycling, construction   “And they’re amazed that we got the
         corporate culture, what they do and   and related businesses. But the area   job done—and their equipment up and
         how they do it,” said Curran. “It’s a   also has activity related to gas and oil   running again—so quickly.”
         first-class organization, so I had no   exploration and production. Beyond
         problem making the decision to be a   that, Miceli said that PIRTEK is poised
         part of it.”                        to offer service to the seven ski
                                             resorts that lie 45 minutes or so from
                                             his center.

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