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Page 20 - Fluid Magazine Summer 2017
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9030P PIRTEK Fluid Power Glove

                            Protection You Can’t Get Anywhere Else, Hands Down.

                    Fluid Injection Resistance Technology Exclusive to PIRTEK.

                 Elastic cuff for a           Wrinkle rubber palm coating with Actifresh™   Layering of SuperFabric   ®
                                              antimicrobial treatment                  brand materials provide
                                                                                          industry-leading cut
                                                                                       resistance (interior layer)

                 needle solution
                 with incredible
                                                                                         Supplemental Test for Fluid
                                                                                          Injection Resistance: This
                                                                                               product has been
                                                                                         independently tested by the
                                                                                        Health & Safety Laboratory to
                 Nylon shell                                                            prove it as a resistant barrier
                                                                                             to skin penetration by
                                                                                        standard hydraulic mineral oil
                                                                                          against pressures of up to
                                                                                          10,150 PSI (700 bar) using
                                                                                             skin simulant in direct
                                                                                            contact with apertures
                 quality materials                                                       ranging from .002” to .012”
                                                                                                (0.05 to 0.3 mm)


                 PROTECTION ZONES:                       FEATURES:               Texture Grip
                       3 Layers SuperFabric  ®           HexArmor  sets the industry standard for needle protection
                       Protection                        with solutions for a variety of applications. Our needlestick-
                                          Providing Safety Across All Industries:
                                                         resistant products do more than simply pass industry-accepted
                                                         testing methods; we put them through real-world applications
                                                         countless times, with a history of undeniable success. The
                                         • Agriculture
                                      ANSI/ISEA CUT GRAM SCORE        • Mining
                                       A9    8188        accepted standards of testing do not account for the many
                                                                      • Municipalities
                                         • Automotive variables employees face on the job site, so we created our own
                                         • Construction  tests mirroring the conditions and hazards that our users face.
                                                                      • Oil & Gas
                                         • Defense                    • Painting
                                         • First Responders           • Pressure Cleaning
                 ATTRIBUTES:             • Landscaping                • Transportation
                                         • Marine                     • Utilities
                 Style:         Fluid Injection Resistant             • Waste & Recycling
                                         • Manufacturing
                 Grip:          Dry or light oil
                 Cuff Style:    Elastic
                 Sizes:         7/S through 11/XXL

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