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Page 14 - Fluid Magazine Summer 2017
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Meet The Franchisee:

         Tom Fechter, PIRTEK Menomonee Falls, Milwaukee WI, USA.

         Years in PIRTEK: 2.5

                                             ideas, and sometimes it’s a just a   new business and will have all the
                                             friendly ear and the reassurance that   challenges that go with it, you need
                                             they went through a similar issue.   to be very involved in the business
                                             The support staff at corporate is    for the first 3-5 years. Also, have
                                             top notch, many go well above and    plenty of funding and good financial
                                             beyond to help out 24/7/365!         contingency plans.
                                             What are some of the major positives   Can you identify some of the best
                                             to being a PIRTEK franchisee?        things about owning a business under
                                                                                  the PIRTEK banner?
                                             I like running my own business and
                                             still have the support of a proven   Customer referrals are a great
                                             business concept. I have always      benefit, many new customers find
                                             wanted to start and run my own       us because they have worked with
                                             business. While leading a successful   another PIRTEK center in another
                                             business startup is very rewarding, it   city. Also, top quality product, we
                                             is also very challenging. The PIRTEK   have won over many customers
                                             Franchise provides me access to      because of the quality of the PIRTEK
                                             a wealth of knowledge to help me     hose & fittings.
                                             address those challenges.
                                                                                  What are some of the biggest things
                                             Before getting into the PIRTEK way of   you’ve learned about either yourself
                                             life, what industry(s) were you involved  or your business since becoming a
                                             in?                                  PIRTEK franchisee?

         How did you first become aware of   Prior to PIRTEK, I have 25 years of   Confidence and resiliency, I have
         PIRTEK and its franchise system?    experience with companies that are   a great group of employees that
                                             OEM suppliers, 17 years in industrial   together, have not only rose above
         A business broker brought it to my   hydraulics and 9 years in mobile    many challenges, but also grew
         attention while I was looking for a   hydraulics.                        together as a team and had some
         business to purchase.                                                    fun along the way.
                                             What are some of the major benefits
         What attracted you to becoming      - whether financial or lifestyle - that   PIRTEK - through being on-call 24/7
         a PIRTEK franchisee over other      you’ve found from being a PIRTEK     - is known for how dynamic and
         businesses that you investigated?   franchisee?                          adaptable its product range is - surely
                                                                                  you’ve got some stories about unique
         I like the service business to      Being just 2.5 years into a new      uses product or sticky situations you
         business franchise model; B2B       business startup, the biggest        or your staff have found themselves
         provides the opportunity to build a   benefit I have experienced to date   in?
         loyal customer base.                is pride in successfully taking a new
                                             business off the ground.             The 24/7 service has opened many
         PIRTEK is often described as a family                                    doors for us and taken us into
         - as a franchisee - can you elaborate   If anyone reading was thinking about   some unique applications; from
         on some of the elements that makes   buying a PIRTEK franchise, what would   completely re-hosing a production
         PIRTEK feel like a family?          you say to them?                     pizza oven press that produces over
                                                                                  400,000 pizza a year to the repair
         For me, it’s both the other PIRTEK   Do your homework and know what      the of a ¼ scale railroad locomotive
         owners and PIRTEK USA’s             you are getting into. While the      at the local zoo.
         employees. The other owners         PIRTEK Franchise helps startup in
         provide a wealth of information,    many ways, you are still starting a

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