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Keeping Critical Machines Up and

         Running: It’s a Slam Dunk During

         Philips Arena Renovation

         "It was a thrill akin to hitting a three-  demolition phase. “All the equipment
         pointer at the buzzer."             they’re using on this major project
                                             are things we work on every day,”
         Mike McCarthy entered the restaurant   McCarthy said. “Cranes, excavators,
         he patronizes regularly, sat down and   Bobcats, demolition equipment – you
         spied an Atlanta Journal-Constitution   name it.”
         positioned in front of him. The owner
         of PIRTEK Norcross and PIRTEK       The Philips Arena renovation project is
         Dobbins were more than surprised    an enormous undertaking, a 16-month
         to see a big photo above the fold   project with a price tag close to $200
         displaying one of his Mobile Service   million. It’s the largest renovation ever
         Vehicles.                           of an NBA venue, with the exception   Austin Edwards, a PIRTEK service
                                             of Madison Square Garden in New      technician in metro Atlanta, holds
         “I saw the headline, then I saw the   York. Once completed, the arena will   a front page of the Atlanta Journal-
         picture of the arena with our Mobile   sport such unlikely amenities as a   Constitution that features a PIRTEK
         Service Vehicle and our technician   barber shop, simulated golf-swing   Mobile Services Vehicle at the
         Austin Edwards at work,” said       area and a courtside bar. Some of    Philips Arena renovation. PIRTEK
         McCarthy, whose Service & Supply    the country’s preeminent builders    Norcross and PIRTEK Dobbins
         Centers operate in metro Atlanta. “I’ll   of sports facilities have traveled to   have responded to multiple service
         tell you what, I was amazed.”       Atlanta to work on the project.      calls during the historic project’s
                                                                                  demolition phase.
         PIRTEK has been on hand during the   McCarthy said that when he first
         renovation of Philips Arena, home of   glanced at the newspaper headline   shot. “When I saw that the PIRTEK
         the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. McCarthy’s   and realized it was about the arena   van was displayed front and center
         technicians are currently providing   renovation, he wondered momentarily   – the only vehicle with any visible
         hose services to the equipment and   what the chances would be that the   company branding on it – I was
         vehicles working on the project’s   PIRTEK vehicle might appear in the   delighted,” he said.

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