Products & Services

PIRTEK Products

Service & Supply Centers and the Mobile Service Vehicles carry a large selection of high pressure hydraulic hoses and a wide selection of European and Japanese metric fittings needed to manufacture hose assemblies on demand. The PIRTEK range of products is designed to meet the diverse requirements of customers of all sizes and from a broad cross-section of industries.

Other products available include adapters, automotive products, pneumatic products, hose sleeves, hose spring guard, spiral hose wrap, ball valves, hose and tube clamps, hydraulic oil, oil spill kits, oil filtration products, quick disconnect couplings, pressure wash equipment, pressure gauges, flange seals, o-rings and more.

Additional information about these products can be found here.

PIRTEK Services

PIRTEK Service & Supply Centers are available to service our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Centers provide over the counter service for custom built high pressure hose assemblies, machine and welding and a comprehensive range of fluid transfer products. As the customer, this provides you with the flexibility to bring your hose repair or general purpose requirement to us as an alternative to our mobile field service.

PIRTEK has a comprehensive national network of Mobile Service Vehicles with qualified technicians for emergency on site hydraulic hose replacement and other specific hose requirements. Our ETA 1 hour on site hose service is a simple solution that eliminates the need for our customers to leave their job site or facility to locate a new hose.

Each Mobile Service Vehicle is fully equipped with a large selection of hydraulic and industrial products and specialized equipment to cut, clean, tag and crimp hose assemblies on site.

In addition, PIRTEK provides a range of Specialty Services to meet customers’ needs including, Hose Tagging, Hose Cleaning, Defense Supply & Government Contracting and Preventative Maintenance Programs.

After-hours emergency service is available by simply calling your nearest PIRTEK Service & Supply Center.